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Montage of cattery imagesEach cat boarding chalet has a penthouse with a raised sleeping area and a lower feeding area, kept warm and snug by a thermostatically controlled tubular heater. A cat flap and ramp lead down from the penthouse to the covered, outdoor run and play area with a chair and vet bedding for lounging on. Each run has at least one integral scratching post. The runs are secured with mesh and have either a two foot sneeze gap or a transparent sneeze barrier between adjacent units to ensure the health and well being of our guests. All sides of the quadrangle are further protected by a mesh security corridor.

Our three executive chalets consist of standard penthouses within larger runs, and have extra shelves and scratching posts.

Every single one of Cats Whiskers chalets can accommodate two cats. Three or four cats can be housed together by removing a partition between two adjacent chalets.

Only cats from the same household may share the same accommodation.


Bedding is provided in the form of plastic beds to protect from draughts with vet bedding or a padded liner for warmth and comfort. If you think your cat will settle better with a reminder of home we are happy for you to bring their own bedding. Please ensure that this is reasonably clean (a little scent of home is OK) and easily washable.


All chalets contain a litter tray, which is emptied and refreshed on a regular basis. Full disinfection of the chalets is carried out between boarders and frequently during their stay to maintain a high standard of hygiene.

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