Feeding & Care at Cats Whiskers


At Cats Whiskers we have a purpose built cattery kitchen where, to ensure the health and happiness of your cats, we will prepare the food they like to eat. If they are on a special diet that we do not supply or are particular about a specific flavour, then we are happy to feed food brought in by the owners at no extra charge.

Please advise us when booking if your cat has any food allergies or intolerances.

We feed at breakfast and tea time. If your cat is elderly or a kitten and would like to be fed more often, please let us know and we will be happy to oblige. Water is checked, topped up or replaced a minimum of 3 times a day. All cats have access to clean water at all times.

We like to give our guests treats so please let us know if anyone is on a diet!

The majority of cats are lactose intolerant. That means that they can't digest the sugars in milk. But a lot of cats really love the taste of milk. There are milk substitutes for cats that have some nutritional value while not upsetting your cats stomach as real milk can. If your cat likes milk please bring the Cat Milk cartons/bottles and we will give them when required.

Health & Medication

We like to know in advance of any known ailments and medication. Cats will be accepted for boarding at our discretion. We are experienced at giving medication to cats and have a variety of tricks up our sleeves to ensure that this is not a stressful experience for your cat. We are happy to board diabetic cats who require insulin injections, but this must be specified at the time of booking to ensure that the necessary timing requirements can be met.

Please write down the dose, frequency and name of any medication to avoid any confusion when reading labels and bring adequate medication for the duration of the booking. It is preferable for us to have medication supplied in the original packaging with the prescription label attached. If this is not present please do not feel offended if we phone your vet for confirmation of the dosage instructions.

Should your cat fall ill whilst in our care, we will contact your vet for advice. If for any reason we are unable to use your vet, we will use our own local vet and they will speak to your vet if necessary. Our vet is Belmont Veterinary Centre in Hereford and we have every confidence in them as they treat our own pets and are a great, friendly and knowledgeable team.


Because of our stringent disinfection and daily cleaning routines unwelcome visitors are quickly and easily spotted. If we find that any of our guests have fleas, ticks or worms we will treat them, their bedding and any other belongings in the cattery unit accordingly. We will also charge for this service.


Insurance is included to cover any vets' fees incurred during your pet's stay with us. This insurance will not cover cats that are already insured under your own cover or pre-existing conditions. Any vets' fees incurred for treatment of pre-existing conditions must be settled at the time of collection.

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