Standard Cat Chalets

Standard cat boarding chaletCats Whiskers standard chalets are approximately 2.15 metres deep by 1.2 metres wide, giving a total floor area of 2.58 square metres.

Some chalets are separated from the other chalets by a reinforced fibreglass semi-transparent sheet to each side.
Others have wire mesh with an acrylic sheet sneeze barrier on one side and wire mesh with a 2 foot sneeze gap on the other side.

Each chalet has a raised penthouse sleeping & feeding area, which is reached via a stepped ramp and cat flap. The penthouse is insulated and each one has it's own thermostatically controlled tubular heater.

There is plenty of room in the penthouse for beds, toys and the other necessities for a comfortable stay.

All chalets face outwards to the quadrangle garden and are further protected by a roofed and mesh covered safety corridor.

All 31 of Cats Whiskers standard chalets are licensed to accommodate 2 cats.


All chalet runs have at least one chair, with a cushion. These are very popular for sunbathing. A sisal scratching post is fixed to the back of the run. In the majority of cases the litter tray or trays will be kept on the floor of the run, under the penthouse. Elderly, infirm (or lazy) residents may be offered an en-suite tray within the penthouse, if necessary.

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