Cat Boarding Prices

Only cats from the same family may share the same accommodation.
Three or four cats may share by opening a door or removing a panel between adjacent units (doubled-up).

Standard Chalets
Single Cat £11.00 per day £20 deposit & minimum fee
2 Cats Sharing £16.00 per day £30 deposit & minimum fee


Doubled-Up Standard Chalets
3 Cats Sharing £26.00 per day £50 deposit & minimum fee
4 Cats Sharing £30.00 per day £60 deposit & minimum fee


Executive Chalets
Add £2.00 per day to the above prices, per chalet

All Executive Chalets may be doubled up with the one next door to create a family unit for up to 4 cats.

What is included

Fees are charged for the day of arrival and of departure. A full day is charged for both to allow for essential cleaning and hygiene preparation of the chalet. Please think in terms of days rather than nights.

Prices are fully inclusive of veterinary insurance (if your cat is not already insured), heating, feeding and caring for your cat. If your cat is on a diet that we do not supply or is particular about a specific flavour, then we are happy to feed food brought in by you at no extra charge.


We do not have a chip & pin machine so payment on collection is by cash, cheque (over £25) & bank transfer. Bank transfers must be made & notified to us by email at least 24 hours before collection, please call or email for the amount due & our account details.

Please Note:

Any cat not delivered or collected within our stated opening hours (even during the daytime) will be subject to a charge of one extra day's boarding.

All cats are boarded as agreed at the time of booking and as shown on our booking charts.

Customers collecting cats earlier than the agreed date will be charged for the full booking period.

To avoid unnecessary delays and confusion please call us if you change your plans. An answering machine is always available if we are unable to answer the phone.

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Cat Boarding Prices


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